ECM Vision

Satisfied customers are the Lifeblood of our business.

By identifying and meeting our customers’ needs through an ethical, fair, courteous and honest relationship, we will be able to achieve our vision as the premier private motor dealer group in the country, providing quality service to our customers that is Beyond their Best Expectation.

ECM Mission Statement

To attain our vision the Group’s business philosophy is centered around three core elements.

  • Establishing and nurturing lifetime relationships with our customers
  • Happy, enthusiastic, determined, loyal team members
  • Satisfactory profit levels

To achieve these we will strive:

  • To continually improve our customer focus, care and commitment
  • To work as a Team in a safe, productive environment and continue to build our “Team Ethic”
  • To provide our customers with vehicles, parts and service value that is “Beyond their Best Expectation”