Volvo Polestar secured the team and manufacturers championship. Fredrik Ekblom needs one point in the Gothenburg finale to secure the drivers championship.
The second to last TTA Elite Racing Series race was decided last weekend at Tierp Arena. Volvo Polestar had the chance to secure all tree championships but the newly designed Tierp Arena with its concrete barriers would prove that it would not give away anything for free to anyone.Fredrik Larsson crashed his BMW into the concrete barrier during free practice. Thereafter, Alx Danielsson completely destroyed his Citroen in qualifying, which had to be aborted before Volvo Polestar’s drivers had a chance to do their final lap time attempts. Fredrik Ekblom, Robert Dahlgren Thed Björk and Tommy Rustad were forced to settle for sixth, ninth, tenth and fifteenth grid positions respectively.The Volvo Polestar squad was now forced to go for it in the race, which they did and then some. Rustad converted his fifteenth starting position into a sixth finish. Dahlgren finished eighth after being hit hard at the end of the race loosing several places. Björk took his blue Volvo S60 to a nice fourth finish, and his team mate in the blue team, Ekblom, scored a second place.That meant that the blue team duo Ekblom/Björk secured total victory in the team championship for Volvo Polestar. Their combined points for the day, as the two best drivers for the brand, also secured total victory for Volvo in the manufacturers championship.“Fantastic! I am really happy we managed to secure both the team and manufacturers championship for Volvo Polestar. Everyone in the team has done a fantastic job this year. But, we cannot bring out the champagne quite yet. We will have to wait to the Gothenburg finale for that, and we aim for a Grand Slam, winning all three titles” said Fredrik Ekblom.The race in Tierp was won by SAAB-driver Linus Ohlsson, who thereby inched nine points closer to Fredrik Ekblom in the drivers’ championship. Ekblom leads it now with 29 points and there are just 29 points left to race for. Consequently, Ekblom needs to claim one more point in the finale to secure a total win. The finale will be decided on Gothenburg City Race Arena on September 29.