Driven by the spirit of commitment, we reach out far beyond our vehicles, showrooms and factories, by nurturing our nation’s wildlife through the Mazda Wildlife Fund. We are dedicated to protecting and preserving our rich and irreplaceable heritage. Since 1990, we’ve invested over R26 million into the Fund, and are committed to a future investment of R1,5 million per year, contributing towards a multitude of scientific endeavours critical for the survival of our planet in areas such as education, conservation and research.

We currently support 29 non-government and non-profit organization projects with 30 vehicles, covering aspect of conservation, research and environmental education.

The Fund has been recognized for its contributions by a number of organizations over the years including the Association of Marketers; Birdlife SA; WWF and the American Chamber of Commerce to name just a few.

Sponsorship is provided in the form of Mazda vehicles which are placed with projects on a loan basis, renewable annually. Limited financial support is only considered for the publication of books and reports on key environmental issues relating to projects that are currently being sponsored.

The vehicles are maintained by Mazda Dealers with all service and normal maintenance costs being met by the Fund.

Servicing Dealers monitor the condition of the project vehicles to ensure that they operate at peak efficiency and are a visible credit to the Mazda brand, as they are working in the field to preserve our precious natural heritage.