Photograph: Mally Richard’s & Stephen Theodosiou, Eastern Cape Motors Operations Director.

Eastern Cape Motors are exceptionally proud of their long association with Mally Richards.

Mally is a man among men, always modest, fun loving and a fantastic team member, most of all, a really great guy !

Eastern Cape Motors pay tribute to Mally’s world beating record.

What a lesson in dedication & consistency for us all.

“May there be many more miles Mally.”

80-year old Mally Richards successfully completed his 60th River Mile having swum his very first river mile in 1947…

In recognition of his achievement the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame (IMSHF) awarded him the certificate.

The Hall of fame’s chief administrator, Steven Munatones, told Richards in a letter he was “one of those individuals in the swimming community whose accomplishments not only are beyond belief, but also give good people hope that they too can live a healthy life.” “This achievement requires an unbelievable level of commitment, a pure joy for swimming and ongoing attention to your physical wellness. I salute you as you leave a remarkable legacy and are inspiration to people around the world.”

Malcolm Richards is a South African open water swimmer from Jeffreys Bay who has established the longevity record for participation in a single open water swimming event, the SPAR River Mile. His son Kevin Richards has won the event 6 times.

The SPAR River Mile is Africa’s oldest open water swimming event that started in 1924 by AE Murrell in Redhouse on the Swartkops River in South Africa.