Recently lauded by both members of the CAR team on the 2013 Towcar of the Year judging panel (February 2013), the Ranger range continues to impress with its breadth of abilities.

The first double cab in 11 years to unseat the mighty Toyota Hilux from the top spot in our Top 2 Best Buys offers what is considered the ideal compromise between the carlike comfort of the Volkswagen Amarok and the rugged, go-anywhere character that the average South African bakkie owner craves.

While still competition looms on the horizon, including the imminent arrival of the all-new Isuzu KB, an ever-increasing (and impressive) Amarok range and the impossible-to-ignore Hilux, the Ranger retains its title thanks to its impressive drivetrains, classy and spacious interior, refinement and competitive value.  Recently, it has seen an improvement in spec and two Wildtrak derivatives have been added.