Fitzpatrick Road Redevelopment – DETOUR

The road works on Fitzpatrick Road are due to commence on 17th February 2020.  This portion of the road works is scheduled to last 60 days.

In order to accommodate the traffic during the construction period, the following changes will be made:

  1. Fitzpatrick Road, Buffalo Park Drive and Commercial Road will be ONE-WAY roads. This will create a loop around the block, with all traffic moving in a clockwise direction.  See sketch below.
  2. The intersection of Fitzpatrick Road and Bowls Road will be closed.
  3. All southbound traffic on the North East Expressway will be diverted onto Buffalo Park Drive.
  4. Buffalo Park Drive will be a one-way road from Fitzpatrick Road to the Commercial Road intersection. Buffalo Park Drive will then revert to a two-way road to John Bailey Road.

When approaching the Dealership and the one-way roads, stay in the right-hand lane so that you are able to make a right-hand turn into the Dealership.