The Kings Rugby Team have given Port Elizabeth a wonderful platform to galvanize our beautiful, precious city.

One city, united behind their “Kings” in their inaugural Super 15 campaign.

What a wonderful site to behold, a full stadium at the Kings – Sharks game.

Perhaps disappointing that so many PE people put the Sharks before their city’s Kings!  It would be absolutely fantastic if all those PE Shark supporters continued to fill the stadium at the remaining 6 home games to support Port Elizabeth’s Kings!

As the Jewel of Southern Africa, we have 8 of the 9 biomes available in south Africa.  We have the “Big 7” not just the “Big 5”!

We live and bring up families in probably the fairest city in South Africa.  What a fantastic show of support it would be for the Kings if all loyal Port Elizabethans filled the stadium to absolute capacity for all the remaining 6 home games.

The games are a wonderful, fun filled opportunity for families to enjoy a spectacle of passion & intense courage and for our children to learn that Port Elizabeth is a fantastic city to raise a family, belong to, support & be proud of.

Port Elizabeth, our city, truly is a blessing!

Support the Kings Port Elizabeth, they have shown us their courage and determination, we can share our Belief and Hope in them.

Eastern Cape Motor Group (Die-hard Kings Supporters)