This year Eastern Cape Motors entered 9 teams into the Corporate Ironman Challenge.

Racing conditions were perfect, magnificent Port Elizabeth April weather meant a flat sea, little wind to speak of, just 433 hugely enthusiastic teams, ready to have fun.

Our teams buoyed by last year’s first & second, put in phenomenal performances. The lead excitingly swopped several times between them, ensuring their competitive best and lead to incredible results.

Eastern Cape Motors not only took all 3 podium wins, but came fourth, fifth & sixth consecutively!
Our winners for this year not only set the course record in 2013, but in defending their title this year, bettered their time this year by a massive 33 seconds.

A really fantastic day was had by all, it was a special year for Eastern Cape Motors, a result we are exceptionally proud of and will cherish for many years to come.

The team spirit and determination displayed by all the athletes in our teams was absolutely superb. We are grateful for having such loyal, fantastic athletes over the last three years, always ready for the challenge, what a special group of competitors!
Thank you to all our supporters that assisted our athletes this year. We look forward to next year to make it a tri-fector win in 2015!