Tyre Motoring Tips

2021-04-23T14:40:57+02:00April 23rd, 2021|

1) Rotating Tyres should be done every 8 – 10 000km – (RR to LF & LR to RF) – this facilitates evening out the wear on the tyres to get extended life out of them 2) DO NOT fit different makes of tyre to your vehicle unless its all 4 tyres ie stick to one [...]

Ford Invests $1 Billion (R15.8) to Modernize, Expand South African Manufacturing for All-New Ranger; Adds 1,200 Jobs

2021-02-19T17:48:37+02:00February 19th, 2021|

Ford Motor Company today announced an investment of US$1.05 billion (R15.8 billion) in its South African manufacturing operations – marking the biggest investment in Ford’s 97-year history in South Africa. It also represents one of the largest-ever investments in the South African automotive industry, boosting Ford’s production capability and creating new jobs. “This investment [...]

Ford Fulfils 50 000 Face Shields Order from US Department of Defense

2020-07-03T14:30:45+02:00July 3rd, 2020|

ord Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) has assembled and supplied 50 000 face shields for the United States Department of Defense to shore up its response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the Southern African region. This large order was facilitated by the US Embassy in Pretoria, and funded by the US AFRICOM Humanitarian Assistance [...]

Ford Motor Company Promotes Women in Engineering

2020-07-03T14:28:23+02:00July 3rd, 2020|Tags: |

International Women in Engineering Day (#INWED20), on 23 June, marks the international awareness campaign to promote the profile of women in engineering and to highlight the diverse and fulfilling career opportunities available to girls in engineering. It also celebrates the inspiring achievements of women engineers globally. Ockert Berry, VP Operations at Ford Motor Company of [...]

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